In the manufacturing process of semiconductor equipment, automotive assembly lines, … Manufacturers always have to check the factory equipment, fixtures, …

All will have compatibility between design and manufacturing.

The tray

The tray will be designed and used to clean the product.


Screeners crystal

In the manufacturing process, likely occur stick to the mold or jig. So, this device has been designed and manufactured.
As with magnetic mount, the device can suck the excess metal piece that.


Maintenance department

To prevent scratches and damage occurs, the design and manufacture of plastic products, the manufacturer must have the maintenance department.


The finely machined parts

For processing electronic components, high-precision work, of course, manufacturers have lines to sophisticated processing.


Design, production and development of prototypes

For example, for equipment related to automobile manufacturers would meet the production line by the design accordingly. In addition, we will also advise on the use of materials and designed to be compatible with the needs of customers.

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